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It’s All or Nothing!


The object reveals its purpose only when flipped around. The bottom side consists of a recessed lid with a built in slot. Customarily, you can insert your loose cash through the slot and contribute to your savings. Alternatively, you can use a coin to unscrew the lid and access the treasure inside - Let your money work for you. The color and pudgy shape refer to the idea of a piggy bank but its real purpose is hidden at first sight. It appears merely as an object of decoration, while keeping you valuable unseen. The need for a coin as an opening tool is a metaphorical allusion to the monetary society - you need money to make money.


h: 13 cm x w:  10 cm x d:  10 cm

h: 9 cm x w: 13 cm x d: 13 cm

material: turned ash wood, stained and oiled

similar projects: 'Half & Half' 2016

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