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Half & Half Bowls


These vessels bring together different functions. The mixed materials create a sensation of intersections and volumes within the volume.


The wide bowl consists of a glass container with a flat wooden plate on top. It can be used to empty your pockets onto it. The cropped part of the plate allows you to drop anything of less priority to the glass container. The belongings you might need soon again stay in the upper part. For example change, bills, spare keys can be slid into the glass vessel, whilst wallet and phone stay in the wooden plate.


The volume of the narrow bowl is parted by a wooden part that provides slots for knives. Other kitchen utensils can be stored within the free space of the glass container. 


h: 20 cm x w: 15 cm x d: 15 cm

h: 12 cm x w: 23 cm x d: 23 cm


material: mouth blown glass, ash wood

similar projects: 'All or Nothing' 2016

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