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Dandy a concept by Inges Idee


Inges Idee is a Berlin-based artistic collective who create concepts for public spaces. Dandy is a colorful 13-meter sculpture conceived for an office building in Frösunda, Stockholm SE depicting an abstract pair of walking pants.


In close cooperation with the artists, the manufacturer, a team of structural engineers a plug system of laser-cut parts was designed and developed.


The sculpture’s framework and exterior is made solely from two dimensional parts. The challenge lay in constructing an inner structure that holds the outer parts exactly in place, in order to form a closed surface covering the warping object.


For the twisted torso a surface was designed, that could be transformed into a flat pattern. The inside consists of a connection system of flat laser-cut parts. Once assembled they form stackable barrels. Each stripe of the cover has several specially designed adjustable connections, making for easy attachment and allowing each piece to be able to shift into the perfect position while creating ‘the ideal fit’.


h: 13 m x w: 6 m x d: 3 m

material: plug system of lasercut steel parts


client: Inges Idee

main tasks: CAD construction and design

similar projects: Zauberlehrling, Balloon for Jean-Paul

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