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Tchibo 48 h Design Challenge - How Do You Like Your Coffee ?!


This event was hosted by German coffee retailer Tchibo, challenging 5 Teams of interdisciplinary students from Coburg’s University of Applied Sciences to create a holistic customer coffee experience based on the theme How Do You Like Your Coffee?!

Each group was provided with a design mentor and a team HQ, where they could create their concept, discuss their vision and prepare their pitch.


As a mentor, I guided the students in creating a concept based on their ideas and associations with the topic, which were ultimately defined with three keywords: Transparency, Convenience & Fascination

These keywords were used as the foundation from which the project was built around.


One of the hurdles as a group was to succeed in creating a cohesive and consistent concept as well as an appealing presentation in a tight timeframe without getting stuck in lengthy and ineffective discussions. To avoid the above our approach was built upon the notion that details are what make a design unique and recognisable. With this in mind a broad concept was created with the goal of reducing it down to its essence. By doing this the group had enough time to work on their overall idea but also to conceive an equally exciting presentation.


The concept was based on three pillars, which each stand strongly for service and customer experience, but at the same time relate to and support each other as a whole.

In the end a coherent concept, presentation and group dynamic was what not only convinced the jury but also ourselves team - leading to a first place in the Tchibo 48h Design Challenge.


Mentoring and leading an interdisciplinary group of students through the 48 h Design Challenge.

Creating a concept of how coffee could be enjoyed in the future.

client: University of Applied Sciences Coburg (IPCO)


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