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Folded Table


A strip of veneer is cut into pieces with different angles. Each piece is rearranged according to the direction of the grain, forming a hexagonal shape and creating a three dimensional impression of overlapping layers and depth. The legs are the actual three dimensional element mimicking the protruding ends of folded ribbon. The tables are made from different kinds of veneers glued on wood composite.

Folded Table comes in three versions: low, small and high. Both high and small versions feature oiled larch veneer on wood composite, while the low version is made from oiled and stained ash veneer on wood composite.


h: 20 cm x w: 115 cm x d: 85 cm

h: 40 cm x w: 45 cm x d: 35 cm

h: 60 cm x w: 75 cm x d: 55 cm

material: Ash and larch veneer on wood composite, stained and oiled

similar projects: 'Heart Lamp' 2016, 'Layer Mirror' 2016

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