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Pie Clock


Two interlacing rotatable discs allow the user to create different sized sections of a circle which represent a certain period of time. In reference to the indicators, the segments can be used as a timer, visualizing the time left and gone by. One disc is labeled at every minute, the other showing a blank field or pattern. Depending on the segment and the indicator, periods from one minute to half a day can be created. This can remind you to take the pie out of the oven after 40 minutes or to set yourself a time window of 2 hours for meditation.  

The adjustable segments provide an additional yet subtle feature to a conventional clock. Time itself can be perceived in a  more conscious way through the interaction of the indicators with the segments. The indicators referring to a certain point of time and the segments visualizing the time already passed and ahead of now.


h: 30 cm x w: 30 cm x d: 3 cm

h: 17 cm x w: 17 cm x d: 3 cm


material: polystyrol, veneer, quarz clock

similar projects: 'Half & Half' 2016, 'Interference Mirror' 2016

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