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Lebwohl - Design students bid farewell to the conventional culture of mourning.


Lebwohl is a collaborative project initiated by the Krematorium Mainburg and the University of Applied Sciences Coburg.


Whilst dealing with grief, the concerned persons are often left alone with predefined rites and religion. At times, these might not be enough for loved ones, taking individuality and depth of relationship to the into account. Considering sociocultural and technological changes, new possibilities can be created that provide support in the mourning process and deal with death, memory and also the removal of taboos.


Within the semester assignment Lebwohl, design students were faced with the question of How the bereaved can be emotionally supported after a great loss.

The project commenced with a kick off workshop at the crematorium, where the students were made familiar with (among other things) procedures, difficulties and cultural differences surrounding this sensitive topic. During the course of the semester, the students were guided in creating products to help loved ones through a time of grief.

After a complete semester of research, planning and product development, their work was displayed within an exhibition at the crematorium.


Initiation and mentoring of main semester project with 13 participants.

client: University of Applied Sciences Coburg (IPCO)

Prof. Gerhard Kampe

Krematorium Mainburg

similar projects: Seriell Unkonventionell 2014, Experimental Porcelain 2015 , Erotica Workshop 2018

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