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Seriell Unkonventionell


The goal of this project was for the students to create a living related product in a small number. The shift from industrial production to small series changes the approach of design. The process gets less theoretical and focuses more on practical and pragmatic solutions without drifting into arts and crafts.


The major took one semester, starting with a one weekend kick-off workshop and a periodic consultation.


The only restrictions given to the students were that the product had to be situated in the living environment, reproducible, and ready for sale. The final show was hosted at Lokaldesign, a concept store in Hamburg specialized in small series of upcoming designers. All created products were or are still available for purchase.

2013, 2014

Semester Major Course

Initiation and mentoring


13 participants in 2012/13 and

11 participants in 2013/14


client: University of Applied Sciences, Coburg

Prof. Gerhard Kampe

similar projects: Leb Wohl 2010, Experimantal Porcelain 2015

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